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Werzalit building profiles are functional, easy-to-use, maintenance-free, stylish and decorative material which can be utilised in all places due to its unique qualities. It saves time and work-force with its ease in application. Due to its strong structure, it is resistant to strokes, humidity, stains and acids. It provides natural insulation against cold and hot weather. It does not wear out, it has long life. Since it does not need coating, paint, varnish and polish, it provides convenience in both application and maintenance. Thanks to its resistance to both being eaten by worms and corrosion, it is a material both indoors and outdoors. Due to these superior qualities,  Werzalit profiles can comfortably be utilised in below-mentioned various areas:

Werzalit Profiles can be used in ;
• Interior and exterior decoration
• Wall coverings
• Ceiling coverings
• Balcony railings
• Garden fences
• Window sills
• Kitchen counters
• For disguising radiators
• Skirtings
• Window cornices
• Hospital and school wall dados
• Benches
• Stadium and sport centers seats
• School desks

With these characteristics, contemporary wooden material  Werzalit building profilles will also be the sought after product of the future. 
Werzalit building profiles are manufactured in two different manners appropriate for indoors and outdoors. Suitable for both-side using, there are building profiles available having both sides decorative paper coated.
To the Attention of the Applier:
The change in the length of the building profiles is approximately (+/-) 1,2mm. per meter, depending on the climate conditions, moisture and temperature.