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Metal Group

Private Ended Funnels and Profiles, Tin and Industrial Funnels, Water and Gas Funnels, Metal Profiles for manifacturing the Training Furtinitures.

Special Tubes

• Furniture sector
• Towel radiators sector
• Radiators
• Qualitative output for decorative sectors

Water and Gas Pipes

• Water and gas transmission pipes
• White goods sector
• Heater systems
• Plumbings
• Constructions

Industrial Tubes

• Automotive sector
• White goods sector
• Bicycles and barrows
• Furniture sector
• Textile sector
• Electrical devices
• Parks
• Steel structural

Rectangular and Square Tubes

• Constructions sector
• Automotive sector
• Furniture sector
• Parks
• Roof constructions
• Machines and agriculture tools
• Wrought iron sector

Stell Service Center

• At roller machines different dimensions
of rolling and cross cutting is available